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Crisis Training & Certification  ABA Therapy

Devereux’s Safe and Positive Approaches curriculum provides a continuum of intervention and prevention measures that should reduce the use of restraint.  Two introductory curricular components available through Brett DiNovi and Associates include strategies taken from Deveruex’s Safety Techniques and Personal Emergency Interventions trainings.

Devereux’s Safety Techniques are safe and effective physical interventions that can be used in crisis situations when someone is being physically threatened or harmed and less intrusive interventions (e.g., verbal de-escalation) alone are ineffective. Brett DiNovi and Associates offers an introduction to this Safety Techniques training, which provides staff with passive, evasive movements that protect and minimize the risk of injury to staff and students.

Devereux also created a Personal Emergency Interventions training to address times when a student’s aggressive, self injurious or destructive behavior escalates to the point where less restrictive options are ineffective or not appropriate. This curriculum was developed with the safety of both staff and students in mind.  Brett DiNovi and Associates also offers an introductory training based on this Devereux model.


When we travel to the consultation site to provide this training, 1 of our trainers is required for every 6 participants/trainees. This provides each participant with the individual attention required to practice each technique to proficiency. The costs are very reasonable, because schools are only billed at the Behavioral Consultant rate for each trainer.

Please contact Matt Linder to schedule or for details at 215.237.2031 or

A significant part of providing services to individuals with severe behavior problems in schools, homes, or community settings is the routine management of challenging/unsafe behavior (aggression, self Injury, property destruction moving an individual from a dangerous situation, etc). Although a positive behavior intervention plan may be in place, there may be circumstances that warrant physical intervention as a last resort for safety purposes.

Although most crisis situations can be avoided through staff’s use of effective verbal skills, proactive strategies, and positive programming, there are times when physical interventions are necessary.  Brett DiNovi and Associates offers an introductory training program based on Devereux’s Safe and Positive Approaches for Preventing and Responding to Crisis curriculum, however we have added additional antecedent and function-based applied behavior analysis strategies to the curriculum. 

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