Rather than a stigmatizing small school bus, our learners ride in our company limousine to and from our social skill opportunities in the community. We engage in community activities such as bowling, arcades, fitness centers, and malls etc.

To determine if your learner is eligible, please contact: Jon King, BCBA at 267-971-7337 or Or Chelsea Iocco at 856-430-1372 or 

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Social Skills Groups

The older teenage and young adults especially enjoy opportunities to roll up to a job site in style. Parents and siblings are encouraged to ride with their loved one in the limo or to meet us out in the community so that they are trained in the ABA strategies we are implementing. However, during the initial stages of learning, the family members are sometimes discouraged from being present while we gain control of any socially inappropriate behaviors. Later, the family members are gradually and systematically introduced to the activity.

We use the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to facilitate socials skills groups in Cherry Hill NJ & Mt. Laurel NJ. Parents receive data based progress reports along with charts to examine trends in each learners progress. Clinical decisions are made on an individual basis for each learners' needs and based on trends in his/her data.  These programs are all under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. 

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